You got idea,
we got tech

From WordPress based websites to complex ERPs we have you covered. We build, deploy, host, audit, and provide support for software applications.

Consider us your partner not vendor.

Our Startup Partnership Program

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

Digital Marketing

Don't know where and how to market, we can help you find the right customers for your business

Tech Services

We have just the right tech expertise to help you build your business idea into MVP or full-blown product


We work with some of the best incubation hubs around to bring the best support and funding to you.

Taxation and Law

Not everyone knows everything, we bring in the domain expertise so that you can focus on business

Online eCommerce

Sell your stuff online

Got to sell your stuff online, not sure where to start. We can help. Use our easy to use WISHCommerce Platform to host your own web-store in minutes.

Need to host on Shopify, no worries.

We can help you setup things and customise Shopify to reflect your online store.

  • We can take care of your inventory updates for you
  • We can integrate with delivery partner APIs to get realtime shipping updates
  • We can add subscription based membership access to your Shopify store
Your established business needs ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is essential for all types of business. Use our renowned ERP solution to get started quickly with ease. We specialize in Manufacturing, Retail, and Services domain.

Automate peripheral processes

Your existing ERP solution does not cover all of your business processes, no worries. We can automate and integrate processes for you with your existing ERP solution

  • AI based document management, tracking, indexing and automation module 
  • Business Process Automation for processes outside ERP integrated with your ERP solution

  • Mobile Apps to complement your ERP solution


Build your next awesome business website with us

We do website development, maintenance, migration, content development and SEO Services


We can help you integrate your WordPress website with digital marketing or analytics tools of your choice

Enhance Engagement
Enhance Engagement

Reach your content goals through our innovative KPI's based content development approach

We are IONOS Partners

IONOS is the hosting and cloud partner of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. As the largest hosting company in Europe, they manage more than 8 million customer contracts and host more than 12 million domains in their own regional data centres around the globe.

Freebies from us for you


  • Get a free professional website template for your business
  • Get a free mobile app  (for both iOS and Android) to complement your website

  • Free SSL for an year to protect your website
  • Free Postgres DB Instance
Systems Integration

Bespoke solutions for your business needs

We have more than 8 years of bespoke solution development expertise. Our consulting teams have expertise in prominent industry verticals ranging from Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Insurance, Banking and Finance to Public Enterprises.

We have a large portfolio of successful, within time and budget and happy customer base. Our project execution model is based on industry standards and employs "Collaborative Project Execution" approach.

Track the progress towards objectives with key results

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WISH is loved and trusted by partners and customers

Digital Solutions

Worldclass digital solutions for your business

Digital Forms
Digital Forms

Create web and mobile forms to collect and organise business data using our enterprise digital forms

Data Dashboards
Data Dashboards

Connect business systems like CRM, ERP, etc to draw business insights through our data dashboard systems

Digital Documents
Digital Documents

Digitise any paper based document and extract intelligence out of it using our AI based digital documents system

HR Consulting

Find the right talent with us

Our recruitment and staffing services work for your business to find the right skills and expertise that you need. Our cost effective engagement model makes recruitment and staffing a breeze.

  • Contract / Full Time work force
  •   Pay only for expertise you need and utilise
  •   Technical / Non-technical skilled hiring / staffing
  •   Quick replacement and attrition management
  •   Run outsourced payroll with us

Here’s what our amazing clients are saying

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." - Michael LeBoeuf

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